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Residents of Oceana know Jim Cook as former councilman and current town recorder but his service extends far beyond the town including overseas.

"Community involvement is really important to me I started wanting to serve. While I was still in high school. I enlisted in the Air Force before I graduated,” said Cook.

“[I] served 26 years in the Air Force and then came home and wanted to continue to serve on a local level."

Cook just recently took on the position of Town Recorder.

"The pressure can be there because you want to do everything for them,” said Cook, “some people can help some people you can't those are the ones I don't like when you can't help somebody."

While his day to to job may come with some pressures...that pressure is alleviated when he picks up his other passion--the camera.

“I just like capturing a good picture I want to tell a story with a picture and the camera allows me to do that.”

In fact he says that how most in Wyoming County recognize him, wearing his Westside baseball cap and..snapping photos with his Canon camera.

To see where his love for photography began you'd have to flash back to Jim's high school days.

"I have enjoyed taking pictures when I bought my first camera when I was in high school. I bought my first camera when I was a sophomore," said Cook.

All these years later Cook is still capturing moments, on his own dime, he travels across the Wyoming to school and county related functions.

The goal for him to capture memories for families that will last generations.

"There's a lot of different reasons why I do that,” said Cook, “but I guess to boil it all down it's because our students are worth it.”

It is that yearning to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of others that makes Jim Cook a Hometown Hero.

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