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For almost five decades Bill Fiess has been walking the campus of Southwest Virginia Community College. When he's not schooling the next generation in the classroom, he is using that pen to dish out the grades in his office

If one takes a look at that office and  they will quickly realize he has a love for numbers.
Some people like coal mining some people like being a plumber I've always liked teaching.

Since 1974 the math professor has given that love of numbers to hundreds of students..

"It's like a fun thing. My goal is to teach clearly and my students will learn it and really learn the math clearly," said Fiess.

There is one thing that is exponentially more important that mathematics and that is his faith.  

"On the human level as a Christian I know everything I have really belongs to God and I'm supposed to be a steward of it."

He continues to be a steward of it in multiple ways, he opens his home to missionaries when they come through the area. He has even retrofitted the home of a friend who is handicap so that friend could continue to live independently..

"I'm not concerned what my legacy is down here in this life. I know I have eternal life it's a free gift," said Fiess. "

"I can't lose that but i know also that I'm going to answer according to the bible and judgement for my works not to whether I go to hell are not but i how use my life down here in terms of what I do."

It is reaching that eternal happiness that makes Bill Fiess a Hometown Hero.

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