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Gov. Justice meets local opposition to road bond in Bluefield


Friday morning Governor Jim Justice lead a town hall to make his final push to Mercer County residents to support the road bond referendum where his plan was met with some opposition from Mercer County Republican Delegate Marty Gearhart.

During the town hall held at the Bluefield Area Arts Center, Gearhart expressed his skepticism of Governor Jim's Justices Road's to Prosperity Bond Referendum and the promises Governor Justice has made along with it.

"A lot of the information in his informational tour is misleading a lot of it, what he is stating as fact frankly is speculation," Gearhart said.

At the forefront of the Jim's Promise tour is reassurance to voters that the road bond will not come with a tax increase. However Gearhart says the money in the bond is not enough to cover the amount of road projects that the Governor has planned for. 

"And to say there are no new taxes frankly is insulting I think," Gerhart said. "We have a tax and fee structure that is 3 months old. I would submit to you that that is new. And we took the right of the voters away to determine if they wanted that tax or not."

Justice stands firm that the road bond will create immediate jobs throughout the state. He stated that he will respect anyone that decides to vote against the bond on October 7th, however he says the consequences will lead to budget cuts and a loss of jobs.

"There's no plan B," Justice said. "There's nothing that can create immediate jobs like this. If you decide to sit on the fence or vote no or stay home, it could fail, and if it fails then we've got a catastrophe type problem."

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