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Enduro motorcycle racing makes stop in Glen Daniel


A national racing series made it's way to southern West Virginia this weekend, as hundreds turned out for the only West Virginia stop on the Sprint Enduro schedule. 

The Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series visited Glen Daniel this weekend, for round seven of the 2017 tour. On this particular weekend, the Hidden Valley Golf course became home to two different motocross tracks, as series official Jeremy Saylor explains. "Our grass course is about 2.5-3 miles at this location. As you'll see it's going through a gold course, which is a pretty unique thing, to have a dirt bike race at a golf course. And then this weekend, the woods test, what we call the enduro test, is about 4.5 miles."
The two courses combined equal out to about 7-miles-worth of distance. Saylor says the racing format of the Enduro Sprint series is a little different than their Pro Motocross counterparts. "They're just going out and trying to go as fast as they can on their own. At the end of the weekend, they will have raced around the track 12-times basically. All 12 of those times, added together is their accumulative score. Then whoever does all 12 laps the fastest is the winner."
Competing this weekend is veteran rider Damon Bradshaw, who has been racing professionally for over 20 years. Now in his forties, Bradshaw only rides part time, which allows him to be more selective. "You know it's kind of fair-weather. I try to pick the good ones. The ones that guys tell me are good tracks and are fun."
So with Bradshaw having the option to pick and choose where he competes, what does he think about racing at Hidden Valley Golf? "It's awesome! I don't know how that came about, to be able to race on a golf course. This is the second time in my career I've ever raced on a golf course. The first one, when I was probably 7 years old, and then today."
By the end of the weekend, competitors will have ridden roughly 84 miles. Bradshaw says conditioning and endurance are key factors for success. "In the motocross, supercross world, it's a full-time job for the guys. The train everyday. They might not ride every day, but they train everyday."
I guess now I know why it's called Endurocross.

The next round for the Enduro Sprint series is in Georgia, before the season concludes in South Carolina.

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