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Tax credit to improve Greenbrier Historical Society


Free tours and educational opportunities help people from all over the country learn more about the Greenbrier Valley and a tax credit is enhancing the Greenbrier Historical Society.

"What a resource to have in a small community where you can come in and learn so much about history that relates to all of us," said visitor from northern California, Michael Dahle.

The Greenbrier Historical Society is receiving help from a program that helps visitors like Michael Dahle from northern California learn more about the history of the Greenbrier Valley.

"The Neighborhood Investment Program is a state program and it allocates tax credit vouchers to different 501c3 non profits. It allows these nonprofits to administer these tax credits based off donations from donors to literally write off as a credit instead of a donation or deductible off your West Virginia State Tax liability," Executive Director of Greenbrier Historical Society, Nick LaCasse.

As for the Greenbrier Historical Society, the tax credits help pay for educational programs, exhibits, and events.

"But other non-profits will use it to bring students in from regional schools and these are things to literally take your tax credit donation and invest it directly into your community," LaCasse said.

With the Neighborhood Investment Program, the North House Museum in Lewisburg can improve the visitor experience. 

"It helps us do more research, delve into further reading, further exhibitions for the tours that come into this region," said LaCasse.

"I've never spent much time in West Virginia before and I'm just fascinated with the history here. There's so much history. It goes back to the Revolutionary War times and even before," added Dahle.

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