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"Spirit Ride" in Greenbrier County honors fallen First Responders


First Responders and those working on the roads put their lives at risk every day and some drivers are not aware of the "Slow Down. Move Over Law."

 Hundreds of First Responders and workers on the roads die each year from drivers not moving over. One was lucky enough to be alive from an accident 8 years ago. 

"The fella came off the Interstate and I don't remember it, of course, but he hit me and my pickup truck that was in the grass also. Of course, it's the worst experience of my life. It's changed me forever. But I am lucky to be here. Very, very lucky. God has given me another chance," said former tow truck driver, Jeffrey Thompson.

However, there are many who aren't as lucky as Jeffrey Thompson, which is why Anthony's Truck Repair took part in the Spirit Ride transporting a casket, symbolizing all those who have died.

"We are the only Towing company in West Virginia to be a part of the American Towman Spirit Ride. From here the casket will go to Lexington, Virginia, and continue on its journey throughout the country," said Amanda Anderson, Anthony's Truck Repair dispatcher. 

"Honor all the fire, police, EMS, tow truck operators that have lost their lives in the last years being on the Interstate and roadways. The big push is promoting the Move Over Law," Al Whitaker, Director of Greenbrier County Emergency Management, added.

"We need to get the word out there because when we're out there on a call or something like that it's real dangerous on the Interstate, especially out here on 64. That's where 90% of our calls are, so it's real important," David Sykes of the Clintonville Fire Department said.

The message here is clear. Use common sense. And show some compassion.

"Always get over. Allow people to do their job. Slow down stop if you have to," Thompson pleaded.

"Pay attention when we're out there. You see the red lights or you see the wreckers or anything like that make sure you slow down, move over. Save our lives," Sykes added.

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