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Nestled in the small town of Northfork sits the Black Diamond Pharmacy where many in McDowell County go to cure their ailments.

“Pharmacist are usually the first line in the medical field. The patient will come in they got a cold, they got this, they'll usually come in and ask you a question before they'll ask anything else,” said Hometown Hero David Dunson.

For nearly twenty-five years David Dunson has served them.

The Mississippi grad first made his way east in 1992 and decided to stay because of its hometown appeal.

“It's very similar to the little community that I grew up in the Delta. The difference is the people are the same the only difference is I drove down 61 saw earth curve now I see the earth grow here.”

After seven years with Rite-Aid he would start his own pharmacy..that not only aids those with health issues but often gives teens in the area their first job.

“I had a benefit when I was young 13 years old I had Mr. Willard Rose hire me at an old fashioned soda fountain. This thing was truly old fashion..made soda's from scratch..ice cream..milkshakes..everything from scratch. He gave me an opportunity at 13 years old to do this and I worked all the way through until I went to college. “

Dunson's goal is to give the next generation that same opportunity and it fills him with pride when he sees the next generation is successful and driven.

“I've seen them go from babies to twenty five years old and I've had several of the young people who work with me that were children when I first came here,” said Dunson.

In fact many of the teens who come to work for Dunson and go off to college get one more nudge from Dunson--gift of tablets or computers to do their school work.

“I feel you must have that to achieve so I will go out and that's usually one of their presents I'll buy them as graduation.”

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