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Governor kicks off West Virginia business summit


Attendees gathered at the business summit to discuss some of what West Virginia has done well and what needs to be improved upon. Key members see potential in West Virginia's future.

"Even though I know we're going from pretty low levels, but West Virginia, second in the nation in GDP growth in first quarter," said Governor Jim Justice.

As Jim Justice kicked things off at the West Virginia Chamber Summit, he went on to speak about the Road Referendum passing unanimously.

"I wanted them to say something like 'well I heard it's going to raise our taxes.' Which is hocus pocus bull. It's not going to raise your taxes a dime and absolutely, every single dime of the revenue is going to the roads. Every single dime," said Governor Justice.

With West Virginia being the 26th Workplace Freedom Right-to-Work state in America, West Virginia Senate President Mitch Carmichael gave an example of another state announcing their passage of Right-to-Work.

"Immediately upon passage of the Right-to-Work announced the develop of a $1.3 billion aluminum plant in Kentucky. And the chairman of the company that relocated there said they would not even have considered Kentucky if it weren't for the Right-to-Work," Carmichael said.

Governor Jim Justice went on to urge everyone to come together.

"We've got to stop the political garbage. We've got to stop the political games. We've all got to be one and that is West Virginians. Wanting to be something other than to be dead last," finished Governor Justice.

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