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Road to Friday: Midland Trail


The Midland Trail Patriots went 5-5 last year, a season that failed to live up to their expectations."It was a topsy-turvy year. We'd much rather would have had a 7-3 season," head coach Frank Isaacs said. "We never really just got into it. Nobody really was motivated and wanted to win. We're just trying to forget about last year. We're coming into this season just thinking about this year," senior Trevor Harrell said. 

Turning to this year many around the state point to Trail as a team on the rise, a recognition they are very much aware of."This year we're not talking about playoffs. We're not talking about expectations. These kids are old enough to know and they understand that the community has high expectations as do the rest of us," Isaacs said. "We're just trying to focus on what's in front of us. We're not really looking like long-term of how good our season is going to be. I mean we think we're going to have a great season, but we just got to take it one game at a time," Harrell said.

A majority of the team returns on both sides of the ball something that the teams says will be a big benefit."I think on the field, but most importantly, off the field that camaraderie  is probably more important," Isaacs said. "I mean we all have been playing since middle school, but really you can go back to little league. We've all been together since little league and i think that's really just going to pay off," Harrell said. 

The Patriots have a chance to record one of the best seasons in program history is a challenge the Patriots are ready to take head on."2017 we're treating ourselves as we are in the top five to top 10. Whether that happens or not, is up to these kids and what they commit to themselves and to this program," Isaacs said.

The team begins their season on August 25th at home against Independence. 

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