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Dogs getting second chance at Greenbrier Academy for Girls


Operation Underdog is collaborating with the Greenbrier Academy for Girls. 

They're a local group focused on the rescue of animals and getting them the vetting care they need. At the Greenbrier Academy for Girls, they are housing animals to open up space in shelters and rescue centers. The two dogs at the Academy right now,Shasta and Fantasia, are enjoying their time playing and socializing with the girls.

The girls at the academy are also learning the dogs might be helping them more than they know.

"Sometimes I'll want to go hang out with my friends rather than go walk the dog in the rain, but I've learned while being on dog program, the dogs are there so you can take care of them and they're a really big support for me too. I just want to make sure the support they give me, I can give them back," said Callie Sheldon, Greenbrier Academy for Girls Head of Dogs.

If you are interested, sponsorships for vet care for the animals are available and they are also looking for dog food donations. If you would like to donate or sponsor, email

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