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HOMETOWN HERO: Antwan Sorrells


For Antwan Sorrells, he can often be found loading up the truck to provide for four-legged friends but his love of service is expansive and it all started at Woodrow Wilson High School.

"It was the people I'm around. I had great mentors Coach Lilly was a major part of my life. My father died when I was thirteen. Coach Steve Kidd was a major part of my life,” said Sorrells.

“People like that pushing me in the right direction and giving me guidance. With people like that how could I go wrong."

That guidance and his grandfather who died shortly after his graduation from high school led him to become a hero on the front lines.

"He was always saying the military could make you a man. So when he passed away it was like his voice in my head telling me to join the military."

The veteran served four tours in operation Iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom..DURING That period he became disabled veteran..

“I have a disorder called retinitis pigmentosa which the military they believe exacerbated it so I have zero peripheral vision and zero night vision."

His disability didn't stop his ability to help.

He came back home to help kids the same way his mentors once helped him.

Sorrells was at a coaching clinic where he ran into someone he went to high school with former Pittsburgh Steeler, Doug Legursky.

“Stars aligned and I brought some kids up for training camp and every year snowballed into more kids and last year it turned into take Clay County High School there. They lost everything in the floods that happened last year and that turned into them getting a $30,000 grant from Pittsburgh.”

From military service to helping the next generation there is still more Sorrells wanted to do.

“We wanted to go up to the shelter and volunteer,” said Sorrells. “We started driving their van that would be filled to the brim with fifty to sixty dogs and it just snowballed from there.”

Sorrells says it's a rewarding experience to give back and he hopes through his work others will be inspired to do the same.

“Everybody involved is happy,” said Sorrells. “You really make life long friends.”

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