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WV schools look ahead to "Celebrate Freedom Week" as back-to-school approaches


As schools in West Virginia prepare to welcome back students and staff, schools in Mercer County are preparing for some changes in curriculum handed down from the state legislature. 

Back in March, the West Virginia state Legislature passed a bill to implement what will be called “Celebrate Freedom Week.”

During the week of the historical 9/11 attacks, the bill states that teachers must include an  “in depth study” of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The bill reads that the purpose of celebrate freedom week is to "educate students about the sacrifices made for freedom in the founding of this country."

The idea of "Celebrate Freedom Week" began in the state of Texas back in 2001. Since then, a handful of states including Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee have adopted the initiative. 

Bluefield Middle School Principal Kim Miller says she is looking forward to putting an emphasis on patriotism in the classroom.

"I was very excited about it because I thought this is the perfect opportunity to really reach this generation of students and teach patriotism and what it means to be free in the great United States that we live in," Miller said.

Social Studies teachers at Bluefield Middle School say although they already teach early American history, they’re hoping celebrate freedom week sends a message home.

“Our students, they don’t realize how lucky we are here in the united states," said social studies teacher Tanya East. 

"If we can start implementing this in the 6th grade and then in the 7th grade, by the time they leave middle school they should have a nice foundation about what celebrating freedom is all about," East said.

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