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Hometown Hero: Shannon Hardee


It's once again time for Hometown Hero! This week's honoree is a woman whose life is dedicated to helping others, whether through her profession as a nurse or through all the volunteer work she does.

Shannon Hardee is this week's Hometown Hero. Shannon does many things for her community of McDowell County, but what she's known for best is being the Zumba instructor at Superior Gym in Welch. She brings fitness, nutrition and so much more to her community, and she was even able to get me out on the Zumba floor.

"I love Zumba," said Shannon Hardee.

Okay I was loving it too, but I'm not the only one. Shannon provides this class free of charge for anyone who loves fitness and fun!

"Zumba is a dance party... the music... period. It's a dance party," said Hardee

And so these hips weren't lying, I decided to roll up my selves, pick up some weights, and shake it off... the pounds that is.

"A free Zumba class is impressive amazing and inspiring, but there's a lot more going on," said Donna Ludwinski, Zumba class member.

Shannon plays a major role in her community. Not only has she helped to raise more than $15,000 for "Autism Speaks", but she also helps out with Toys For Tots. Shannon does all this, plus volunteers for least a half a dozen other charity organizations.

"It's all i know what to do just help people. We all have the ability to help. We can all change our community. It doesn't cost anything to be a decent human being: to hold a door for somebody, to smile and say good morning. It doesn't cost anything, we can all be better," said Hardee.

"I think Shannon represents the good that's here, that is actually producing results, its not an outside fix, its an inside," said Ludwinski.

And that is her mantra. Shannon responds to negative comments about her community by saying this: "We are not broken, we don't need someone to fix us, we just need help."

"People wanna come here and judge us before they know us and they just think that this area has nothing to offer. We have a lot to offer. We just need people here to pull their sleeves up, get their hands dirty, work with us to change our community. We just need a little bit of help," said Hardee.

And McDowell County sees that help through Shannon Hardee, in more ways than one, and that's why she's our Hometown Hero, a title she describes with just one word.

"Honored... I'm gonna cry. It's great," said Hardee

And remember you can nominate a "Hometown Hero!" If you know someone you believe goes above and beyond, or just has a huge heart and does great things for the community, send us an email to HometownHero@WVVA.com. 

Just write a short note about what makes that person a 'Hometown Hero' and email it with your contact information, and their's too, if you have it. And Wendy's is now gifting the "Hometown Hero" nominee and nominator a year of free frosty's. So now, is definitely the time to get those nominations in.

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