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Boy Scouts cleaning up in Rainelle


The Boy Scouts have arrived in Greenbrier County and they're working to make a difference more than a year after the flood.

"All of our scouts are here at the National Jamboree site. We're doing a Messenger Peace Day of Service," said Scoutmaster for Jamboree Troop #1311, Leo Ciaramitaro.

Their service includes building a fence, tearing out a fence, and cleaning headstones at Rainelle's historic cemetery, but they are also planning to do a lot of flood relief work and Mayor Andy couldn't be happier.

"We're going to go back downtown and do the restoration of our community where it flooded in the 1000-year flood and that's what they're mainly here for this year," said Rainelle Mayor, Andy Pendleton.

"What they went through was really bad, but we can always take that and turn it into something positive by making everything better. The Scouts are here and we're here to help and we can really help this town," said Patrol Leader for Jamboree Troop #1311, Brady Shore.

"It's always important to help out whenever you can. It doesn't matter who they are, as long as they need your help and you are able to provide, you should," added Boy Scout for Jamboree Troop #1311, Joseph Kolinek.

"It's great for us as scouts because part of our duty with the scouts is to others and that's really important to others," said Ciaramitaro.

Some of the Scouts are encouraging others to join the organization and be of service to communities like Rainelle. 

"I'm trying to get more people to join because it's awesome and we can always use more people in the troops because if you come join the scouts you'll be able to learn things like this that will help you out in life," Shore said.

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