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Scouts take on community service projects across West Virginia


BECKLEY, WVa. (WVVA) Hundreds of Boy Scouts left camp on Thursday for the start of a five-day Arrow to the Summit Community Service Initiative. 

WVVA News caught up with several projects happening across Southern West Virginia, including a project at the Beckley Art Center on Johnstown Road. Scouts worked on landscaping outside and painted art projects to be proudly displayed at the center. 

1st Class Scout Ben Kohn came all the way from Philadelphia to participate. "Service projects are important. For one thing, they help you rank up. But they also help you help out the community in a good way," adds Kohn. 

Just down the road, another group of scouts learned the art of gravestone preservation and cleaning at the Hunter Cemetery on Antonio Avenue. Scouts there worked throughout the day polishing stones and cleaning up the surrounding environment. 

"We spent the day cleaning the graves because some of them have mold and algae on them. And some had white paint on them," said Star Scout Logan Daniels. 

After the cemetery, some of the scouts were expected to take a tour of Wildwood House, former home to Beckley's founder Alfred Beckley, to learn more about the city and its history. 

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