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Residents in Mercer and Tazewell counties hunt for rocks


It's family fun that's as solid as a rock. A new trend has spread throughout the county thanks to a Facebook group called Mercer County, West Virginia Hidden Rocks.

“It started with one rock that my son had found a Summersville Lake,”said group administrator, Erica Belcher.

“We researched it and the rock thing was a thing everywhere but our hometown Mercer County.”

The concept is simple you join the group, find a rock, paint a rock, hide it and then post a clue or riddle in the group for someone else find it.

“It gets people out instead of playing an x-box or something,” said Belcher's son, Chandler Wishnevsky.

For the participant it's more than just painting and hiding these rocks it's about the bond that's created when you paint and hide them with friends and family.

“I get really excited it's like a there a bunch of other people looking for it and you're the first to find it it's really exciting,” said Cheyanne Simpson.

The trend has crossed county lines Becky Walker is the administrator of a similar page in for Tazewell.

It's addicting. I'll tell you that. When you find one you're so excited to post it,” said Tazewell Rocks administrator, Becky Walker.

Click to join Mercer County, WV Hidden Rocks.

Click to join Tazewell County Rocks.

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