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Camp helps kids move on from flood


In times of natural disaster the emotions of children are often overlooked, but help is often available. A free camp in Greenbrier County is helping children heal from the trauma of last year's floods.

"Whenever there is a disaster, there is often very little for children to do and sometimes I think they feel helpless with that and that's a hard thing to feel helpless, so we're going to empower them," said Mary-Eileen Hahn, Camp Noah Large Group Leader.

Camp Noah is unique. It's a camp designed specifically for kids dealing with a disaster and now kids can tell their stories.

"Mostly to get them to open up and tell their story to us because that's really what it's all about. Help them deal with what they went through and how they're dealing with it now," said Camp Noah Classroom Helper, Ellen Adams.

"We're here to help them restore themselves to feeling special and to learn how to share their feelings and tell their stories," added Camp Noah Team Leader, Karen Bransom.

"It was wonderful because it got a chance for them to start allowing that to come out and unburden themselves," said Dan Short, Camp Noah's "Noah."

When the kids were asked their favorite part, they couldn't pick just one thing.

"Everything!" shouted the kids altogether.

The kids aren't the only ones benefiting.

"It has been wonderful. These kids make me so happy all day long," Adams said.

"When you see the kids' eyes and love that just pours out of them it really is super-duper," Short added.

"It's very exciting when they go home and tell their parents that their safe place is Camp Noah. That's really awesome to hear and they tell their parents they feel special," Bransom said.

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