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Hometown Hero: Skip Crane


It's time again to highlight the person in our community who goes above and beyond. For this week's Hometown Hero we go to Bluefield, where a man makes magic on and off the stage.

This week's Hometown Hero is the company manager for "4 Pals Productions." He was behind popular works such as the play "The Eleventh Hour" and because of all the work he does, some call him the unofficial mayor of Bluewell. Skip Crane is our Hometown Hero.

"We'll I'm a little bit humbled and very very surprised," said Skip Crane, 4 Pals Productions Company Manager.

Skip Crane is one of four pals that came together to create a production company. But Skip is known for so much more. He even has an unofficially title to uphold.

"Skip is the unofficial mayor of Bluewell, because he is so involved in everything and he is the one he is always out there and when he is involved in something he is involved one hundred percent," said Jim Webb, Bluewell Improvement Association Vice President.

Skip helps with litter control and was instrumental in starting The Preservation Society in the city of Bluefield, but his real passion is on the stage. He acts, directs, sets up the plays, and much more. And when 4 Pals Productions was created in 2010 they had one goal in mind.

"We wanted to start doing some original works, things that encourage people around here to write plays, and to be actors. And maybe we can provide them an outlet to where they might go away and become like Steven Spielberg or Katharine Hepburn you don't know people come from small places," said Crane.

And this opportunity, this outlet is not just available for adults, but for young people too.

"He's a master at being able to take a young person and see them really flourish and developing to the space they need to be," Shawn Williams, 4 Pals Productions Board Member.

And Skip's passion not only stems from the production and everyone involved but also for those watching as well.

"Our audience come here and they get a message we hope they leave here feeling better about themselves then they did then when they got here. And about life and about the world that we can make a difference. We really can if we all work together," said Crane.

And it's that statement, working together, for the good of the community, that drives Skip.

"There's something about being a community servant that is very worthy and worth while," said Crane.

"He is definitely that person you can turn to when you are down when you are discourage you need some advice on the stage and personally as well," said Williams.

And so Skip Crane told me why he does what he does and his answer was plain and simple.

"I do it because it makes me feel good, it's something in me," said Crane.

And remember you can nominate a "Hometown Hero!" If you know someone you believe goes above and beyond or just has a huge heart and does great things for the community, send us an email to hometownhero@wvva.com.

Just write a short note about what makes that person a 'Hometown Hero' and email it with your contact information, and their's too, if you have it. And Wendy's is now gifting the 'Hometown Hero' nominee and nominator a year of free frosty's. So now, is definitely the time to get those nominations in.

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