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Planting color in McDowell County


A few are digging into Spring, specifically a couple who own the Elkhorn Inn and Theater in Landgraff, WV.

This is the fourth year that the couple has planted sunflowers across from the Inn off of route 52 in McDowell County.

It typically takes at least four days of hard labor to prepare the field, but at 70 years old, Daniel Clark is still tilling, raking and seeding the field.

This tradition started four years ago when Elisse, Daniel's wife, was out of town on a FEMA mission. While she was gone, Daniel, pulled out weeds, rocks and concrete and trash, and hand tilled the field by himself.

Elisse Goldstein-Clark says when she came home, “He had planted that field of sunflowers and that was like the best birthday present I have ever had my entire life."

Not only was it a wonderful birthday present for her, but the sunflowers were in full bloom in early August in time for Daniel's birthday as well.

The two were so pleased with how it made a beautiful addition to McDowell County that they have taken it upon themselves to sweat over the field each May to plant the sunflower seeds.

This year they are planting edible flowers, which they include in their salads, and are planting milkweed seeds to attract butterflies.

In addition to their amazing work, the Elkhorn Inn was just honored by SCORE as a Small Business Champion, one of two in the whole state of West Virginia.

If you would like to either stay or contact the inn, you can call 304-862-2031.

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