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Clean up begins on Greenbrier County waterways


When looking at the rivers and creeks in Greenbrier County it's easy to spot trash and other debris left behind by last summer's floods. However, crews are working to clean it up to help prevent future flooding. 

Trash piles filled with tires and debris, all from the Rupert/Rainelle area. The Human Resources Development Foundation is taking care of the fallen trees that play a big role in flooding issues.

"We had to cut the trees off in order for the water to flow the way it's supposed to because with the trees blocking, it's causing the water to build up which is going to cause a flood again," said Audie Sloan, Crew Leader for HRDF Greenbrier County.

Clearing trees will go a long way to reduce the risk of another flood and avoid adding insult to injury.

"To be out here and know that this is going to prevent future flooding. Everyone in this area of Greenbrier County was devastated. It was a tragedy," Sloan said.

"It impacts me a lot because I was physically affected by the flood last June. Definitely seeing these towns come back together, get cleaned up, it makes everyone look good," Nicholas C. Stout, Supervisor for HRDF Greenbrier County, said.

That's all due to teamwork by the HRDF. 

"One person can't do it all. You can't lift all this stuff by yourself. It's heavy as you can see. We get a chain started and we just hand it off and they hand it to the guy next to them just to get it done a little quicker," Sloan said.

"These guys are great people. Great workers, great friends. I just don't have any problems with them at all. I'm glad I got them with me. Can't do it by myself," said Stout.

The Human Resources Development Foundation has a grant to work until July 31st, but they feel they more work needs to be done and want an extension to continue the cleanup. 

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