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Theater nearing next phase of renovations in Princeton


Renovations continue in Princeton and officials hope the upgrades change the feel of downtown.

"Give somebody fish then they can eat for a day and if you teach somebody to fish then they can eat for a lifetime," said Community Connections' Greg Puckett.

"You can teach people all day long but if you're environment is bad if you've got contaminated water or you have no fish in your pond it doesn't matter how you teach somebody you can not go a sustain.

Well the pond is getting cleaner in downtown Princeton as the Renaissance Projects restoration of the old Levon theater moves toward the next phase.

Building and fire code inspectors were by Thursday to see how the project is fairing .

For Captain Keith Gunnoe seeing this place come back to life means restoring childhood memories.

"As a small child I remember attending a movie at this theater at a very young age. It's always good to see the community grow some of these old buildings down here be renovated and put back to use. We'll be looking for things exiting and that kind of thing to make sure that stuff's proper."

The infrastructure is in place, the building will hold a regulation size theater, a smaller black box theater, a green room for actors, rental loft for performers and a museum.

"If you look at Stages, the RiffRaff, if you look at what we're able to do economically in the next six months we're not only going to have a usable building here and possibly have the theater completed in the next six months," said Puckett.

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