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UPDATE: A new reprieve for Jasper as appeal process continues


The case of Jasper the Dog is going to drag on for a while longer, perhaps for several more months.

This week, Raleigh County Circuit Court Judge H.L. Kirkpatrick granted the attorneys for the dog's owners, Brenda Jeffrey and William Smith, a stay of Jasper's euthanasia until the West Virginia Supreme Court issues a final ruling.

Attorneys Cindy Fernald and Roger Hanshaw filed their latest appeal on Monday, the last day they could legally do so. When reached by WVVA, Fernald said she hadn't heard about Kirkpatrick's ruling and was ecstatic that she and Hanshaw can continue appealing on Jasper's behalf.

Fernald said the next step is to wait for what's called a “scheduling order” from the high court. That means they will be given time frames for filing a full petition, a legal brief that Fernald said would run to at least 40 pages.

That scheduling order also applies to the Raleigh County prosecutor's office and its formal response.

Fernald told WVVA that Jasper is doing well in the care of the Raleigh County Humane Society, where he has lived for the past two-and-a-half years.

“Three behaviorists from the ASPCA gave him tests on three different occasions to provoke him into biting and he passed all three tests,” said Fernald.

Throughout this ordeal, Fernald said Jasper has exhibited what she called “exemplary behavior.”

She said the time frame for the case could drag on for months, but that she hopes to eventually argue  Jasper's case before the state supreme court.

“We will have the first and last word on this,” she said.

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