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Greenbrier Valley Airport holds emergency exercise


 A plane crash so bad a Medi-vac helicopter arrives to transport victims. Firefighters are called in from all over the Greenbrier Valley to battle the flames, but there was no need to worry. It's a simulation. 

"We train for this inside the airport gate with our own fire department. It's the thing we hope we will never have to do," Greenbrier Valley Airport Director, Stephen Snyder, said.

It's better to be prepared. The preparation that went into a drill of this magnitude began back on January 21st.

"There's a lot of man-hours in this and, if I had to guess, we're probably, by the time the drill is over with, we'll have close to 2,500 man-hours just in preparation for today's work," said James Hylton, Greenbrier Valley Airport Director of Public Safety.

"We have about 250 people here. Over a dozen agencies. In addition to that, we've tested our response for any type of aviation emergency that's inside the field boundary," added Snyder.

Students from Greenbrier East, West, and Davis-Stuart High Schools were there participating in the drill to help out the Greenbrier Valley Airport.

"It's scary realistic. I mean the thought it could be any one of us is pretty frightening. It's a little scary, but it's cool to see how the reaction would be," said Greenbrier East student, Autumn Bland.

In evaluating the years prior, airport officials say they are improving.

"We done a good job in 2015 and today we done better. You always improve every time you do this. Was there some glitches? Sure. You're not going to be 100%, but that's why we train and that's why we do these drills to work out those glitches," Hylton said.

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