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Bluefield wants to put social media to good use


In the information age, having a footprint on the internet is critical to the success of any city... business... or social campaign. With that in mind, the City of Bluefield is working hard to improve its online media presence.

Jim Spencer, the Director of Community and Economic Development, spoke at today's Board of Directors Meeting. Spencer announced a new program that aims to put Bluefield... on the social media map.

The City of Bluefield is about to get some new ambassadors. Young, eager and plugged in. All through a new program called MAP, which stands for Millennial Ambassador Program.

Jim Spencer says, "Two millennials, and I use them as a brain trust... and I thought how can we communicate to the young people. Especially colleges and the high schools. Who better to communicate with millennials than millennials?"

Spencer is working to engage millennials in the marketing of the city. MAP will be used to market upcoming events and share recent experiences.

"We want them to help us do Bluefield's story. You realize, if we don't tell our story, somebody else will, and we won't like how they tell it."

Ansel Ponder, a marketing director for Chick-Fil-A, is one of the millennial ambassadors. He explains one of their goals.

"Content that's meaningful, that connects with other millennials and other generations, so that they will want to get more involved in their own community, and know what's going on in the city."

Concord University student Trevor Mullins is another ambassador. As Mullins tells it, young people now get their news in non-traditional ways.

"We can hopefully expand the city's ideas and activities to kids my age, who don't get most of their information from the news or newspaper. They get all their information from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etcetera.

If you would like to be a Millennial Ambassador for Bluefield, you can apply by clicking here.

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