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Two artist find inspiration in West Virginia communities


Two West Virginia natives were selected for the Tamarack Foundation for the Art's first "Emerging Artist Fellows" and they are showcasing the beauty of West Virginia.

"Tea Pots and Time Capsules" is the name of Hannah and Rosalie's project while they take in the sights of West Virginia.

"We started talking about how West Virginia was built up of different communities and towns that are very small. People might know the value of them, so we wanted to do a collaborative project through an artistic eye to show light on these small towns," said Hannah Lenhart, one artist with Tea Pots and Time Capsules.

Hannah and Rosalie are traveling to 5 creative communities in West Virginia and one stop was in Lewisburg. They are gathering inspiration from local artists for their own artwork.

 "I'm a ceramicist, so I'm doing a body of tea sets inspired by the architecture, the people, iconic landmarks, and incorporating those shapes and colors to a tea set," Lenhart said.

"I'm an illustrator and designer, so I'm taking the stories of the people that we're meeting and local architecture, culture, history, and combining it all into one water color pen and ink time capsule for Lewisburg," added the artist for Tea Pots and Time Capsules, Rosalie Haizlett.

And the objective of their journey?

"I think a lot of the time people think that West Virginia used to be this great place and there was so much going on, and now we're trying to dig a little deeper and bring to light the people that are really interesting and really talented that live here and give them a little spotlight," Haizlett said.

"We're trying to shine a light on it and show them that people do care here and they do want the success of the arts to happen," added Lenhart.

If you would like to follow along their journey, you can find them on Instagram @rosaliehaizlett, @hannahsclaycreations, and @tamarackfoundation, or you can search the hashtag #teatimewv on Facebook or Instagram.

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