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Hurricane Matthew could be catastrophic for parts of the Caribbean


(NBC): "After slamming the coast of Colombia,  one of the most powerful Atlantic Hurricanes in nearly a decade is barreling toward Jamaica, Haiti, and Cuba. Matthew, which peaked wit winds at 160mph, is now a violent Category 4 Hurricane, triggering deadly flooding [and] washing away homes, roads, and bridges. Lashing out, and lighting up Aruba, the monster surf has officials pleading for locals to stay away from the Jamaica, millions are bracing, gathering supplies such as lumber, groceries, and gas...Jamaica, up to 20 inches of rain could quickly fall into early week.

"It's all in God's Hands", Jamaica resident Sister Joanne Belmonte says. "I mean there's no point in worrying because if it's going to come it's going to come but you have to know you would be foolish, if you didn't prepare for it".

Jamaica isn't the only country set to feel Matthew's wrath. Port Au Prince, Haiti, is just one of the many locales where Matthew could have a catastrophic impact. The government has already evacuated many from the southern part of the country. Many areas are still struggling to recover from that devastating earthquake in 2010. Matthew is expected to dump up to 40 inches of rain in some areas, and that could trigger life threatening flooding and mudslides.

Father north, Hurricane warnings are also in effect for Cuba, where citizens are preparing for a direct hit. Those who live on the eastern end of the island...more than 500,000 people have been told to batten down the hatches and those who live down the coast, have been told head inland to an evacuation center.

The US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay is also evacuating all non-essential employees."

The impact on the US SE coastline is still uncertain at this time, though we should all be monitoring this situation very closely.

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