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Bluefield coin carver chisels new football game tradition


The music, food, and fun were in full swing as dedicated Bluefield Beavers and Graham G-Men past and present came to tailgate and root on their respective teams for the big game at Mitchell stadium.

This year, something new was added to the fray to decide who gets to kickoff.

A special coin has been designed for the coin toss.

Duane Caldwell is the owner of hobo nickels by buzzard jaws and he hopes the coin is a new tradition for the big game.

The coin he hand created has the Beaver logo on one side and the Graham logo on the other.

“I'm very very proud of that [and] very honored, like a dream come true,” said Caldwell.

It takes two to four hours to make the coins because he makes them the old fashion way.

“I like to use the old traditional ways of using a nail and a nickel and everything I do is hand done. There's no power tools involved.”

If you would like a custom made hobo nickel from Duane Caldwell email:

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