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March spreads awareness about injustice & inequality


Organizers with the Black Out the Field march today are spreading a message that black lives matter and memorializing the lives lost to senseless violence.

“This started from a series of Facebook conversations that I was just having with my friends," said Charkera Ervin.

Terrance Saunders said he wanted to do this because he wants others to be aware of injustice and inequality in the legal system.

The Mercer County Progressive Alliance also came out today to support the march taking place from the speak easy on Bland street to Mitchell Stadium.

"The Mercer County Progressive Alliance believes in everything black lives matter is fighting for. We wanted to be out here in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters," said Matt Smith.

Local business say as long as it's peaceful there is nothing wrong with marching the same way they did in during the Civil Rights era to spread awareness in 2016.

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything," said local barber Damien Booker.

"[I] just hope everybody keeps a level head and that nobody gets hurt. i don't want to see nobody get hurt."

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