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Charlie's Climb: Meadow Bridge boy battles Lyme Disease and wins


This past December, we brought you the story of a Meadow Bridge boy battling Lyme Disease, his body and mind being taken from him.

We have some good news: doctors say Charlie is now Lyme-free.

WVVA's Alison Wickline has followed his journey from the beginning.

I checked in with Charlie earlier this week to see how his life has changed already.  It's nothing short of miraculous.

On a bright, sunny day, 19-year-old Charlie Davis can take a walk down his driveway. What most people take for granted, Charlie cherishes because just about six months ago, Charlie was barely able to move. Now, thanks to an alternative treatment from Germany, he is Lyme-free, healthy and happy.

"I’m thinking much more clearly. I'm able to crack jokes and have humor again, which before I wasn't doing at all. I'm getting my strength back little by little which is nice to have again," said Davis.

In January, Charlie and his mom made the long trip to Germany for an extensive immune therapy treatment to cure Lyme.  But it came at a price... more than $20,000.  With help from donations and a gofundme account, Charlie’s family made it work.

As his mom says, it wasn't about the money.  It was about getting their smiling, funny, caring boy back.

"I knew that if he did not get the treatment he would be bedfast or in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He was just that bad," said Charlie’s mom, Angie Halstead.

Charlie's mom says without support from the community through the gofundme account and private donations, the treatment would have been almost impossible to afford, and Charlie might have been stuck dealing with Lyme.

"i can't thank people enough for the help. We just... I cry every time i think about the generosity of everybody because everyone was so wonderful and had it not been for that, we couldn't have gone," Angie continued.

Charlie says he's exploring school options right now and trying to get used to being so healthy.

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