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Health Matters: A League of Her Own


FAYETTE COUNTY -- Sarah Turley is 5-years-old. She loves sunflower seeds and softball. She's quite small compared to the high school girls she likes watching, but players are finding her battle off the field largely inspiring.

"Sarah has received cards from all over the country from softball players ... close to 1500 cards," said Fayetteville Softball Head Coach Mike Bone. "So she's inspired more than just Fayetteville softball."

Softball girls from around the country are rallying around Sarah. She holds tight to her cards and pictures, reminding her to stay strong in her fight against leukemia.

"Sarah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia May 6, 2015," explained Rachel Turley, Sarah's mother. "From there, she'll take treatment for the next at least two and a half years at Women and Children's in Charleston."

Sarah's parents say she endures what seem like endless tests and treatments.

"You name it she goes through it," said Rachel Turley. "She gets put to sleep, gets chemo injected in her spine ... pretty rough stuff."

But you wouldn't know it, especially when she's near the diamond.

"I think it gets her mind off of some of her days when she's feeling bad," said Fayetteville Senior Kathryn Peelish.

"She really loves softball and her being here in the environment watching us play, you know, every play is for her," Independence Senior Katy Lilly added.

"She's stronger than most everyone on this team is," said Faith Norris, a Fayetteville Junior. "She's the strongest girl I know."

But while she's learning a lot about softball, Fayetteville Coach Mike Bone says it's Sarah who's teaching the lesson.

"We're not talking about the game of softball," said Bone. "We're going to win games and we're going to lose games, but she's teaching us how to be winners in the game of life."

The Fayetteville High School Lady Pirates have retired a jersey in Sarah's honor. On Saturday, April 30, they'll play a game for cancer awareness. Sarah will throw the first pitch and there will be raffles to raise funds for childhood cancer research.

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