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CAPITOL BEAT EXTRA: Education in the Mountain State


CHARLESTON, WV (WVVA) For any community, education is one of the most important aspects. Which is why deciding the way to teach curriculum in West Virginia schools is such a hot topic.

“I think one of the biggest things we're going to deal with in the next little bit here today is how we're going to accept the common core,” says Delegate George Ambler (R). “The bill that we are looking at and that we will be working on today simply is are we going to accept the state's standards as they are or are we going to go back to a set of standards that we're basically done away with on the 15th of December.”

While all lawmakers agree that education is extremely important, some say that it's become too controlled and there needs to be less regulation in the classroom.

"I think a lot of the other things that we have as far as requirements on teachers keep them from doing what they want to do without command and control from the upper levels are problematic,” says Delegate Marty Gearheart (R). “And these are big lifts. Educational code is written in a very difficult way, it's very difficult to deal with and to change. But I do think it's something worthwhile that we need to do."

And even Delegates across the aisle feel the same way.

"We can't cookie cutter everything,” says Delegate Clif Moore (D). “And I'm not so sure the Board of Education in McDowell should operate like the Board of Education in Berkeley. Or the Board of Education in Mercer should educate like the Board of Education in Jefferson County. There are too many problems that are unique to those local jurisdictions that those people with knowledge, with expertise, with experience should have some decision making capacity. And I think we as a legislature are too invasive in what they are doing."

House Bill 4014, passed on Friday with a 73-20 vote. It will now move to the Senate.

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