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3 sentenced for murder, manslaughter, and robbery in Raleigh County

Willis Willison Willis Willison
Dawayne Pone Dawayne Pone
Deshaun Tyhere Evans Deshaun Tyhere Evans

Three men enter pleas and are sentenced for separate cases in Raleigh County.

All three court cases were handled by Raleigh County Prosecutor Kristin Keller in front of Circuity Court Judge John Hutchison.

Willis Willison entered a plea to second degree murder for the May 2015 death of Tommy Lambert. According to Prosecutor Kristin Keller, Willison and Austin Redden beat up Lambert in the Besoco area of Raleigh County. Willison then got behind the wheel of a pickup truck and ran Lambert over; killing the 54-year-old. Redden and Willison then hid the truck and burned it. 

During the hearing on Monday, Willison stated that he killed Lambert because Lambert killed his father 16 years ago.  Willison was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Redden pleaded guilty to accessory to murder after the fact and unlawful wounding back in November. 


Dawayne Pone entered a plea to voluntary manslaughter for the overdose deaths of two women.

Keller says the women died after injecting heroin bought from Pone in October 2015. She says the women died while sitting at the kitchen table.  Investigators also linked Pone to a couple other non-fatal overdoses. During a search of his residence, police found more than 500 bags of heroin and a pound of marijuana.  He also entered two separate pleas for the drug charges.  He was sentenced to 10-20 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter and 1-15 and 1-5 years in prison for the two drug offenses.


Deshaun Tyhere Evans, 29, entered two separate pleas to first degree robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Keller says Evans and Kamarr McDowell beat up a clerk during a robbery of the Dunut Connection in December 2014. Three days later, Evans was involved in a fake drug deal where one person was beaten and another was shot in the back.

Evans was sentenced to 30 years in prison for first degree robbery and 1-5 year for the conspiracy conviction. 

McDowell entered a plea to conspiracy to commit a felony back in March 2015 for his role in the robbery of the Dunut Connection. 

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