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8-year-old boy gets 3D printed prosthetic hand


Students at Greenbrier East High School have been working on a special gift for a little boy. With the help of 3D printing, the high school's engineering class was able to make a hand for 8-year-old Nataniel.

"Two weeks ago, Nataniel's grandmother called us up and asked us if we could make him a hand, and then the students took over. They took the 3d printers home over the snow days and worked on it outside of school,” said Kevin Warfield, engineering instructor at GEHS.

Students were determined to make the hand a perfect fit for 8-year-old Nataniel Guilmart.

Nataniel's birth defect left him without fingers and a palm, making it difficult to do everyday activities.

"Well, I couldn't ride my bike, I couldn't catch a ball,” said Nataniel.

"When you look a little different, you have times when people will look at you and say bad things, and every chance he gets that he gets the interaction and he gets to be shown that he's ok, and that he's wonderful and perfect, and how excited they are to help him, it's just a great experience and it will help him through all the times in life when he has the bad experiences,” said Jeanie Guilmart, mother of recipient.

Nataniel's mom says the hand will make a huge difference in his life.

"He'll go home and the rest of the day he'll spend picking up things and figuring out how to work this hand,” said Jeanie.

"I feel happy, and I want to thank them that they helped me get a new hand,” said Nataniel.

The engineering class at Greenbrier East hopes to help others in the community.

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