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Charges on town gas bills raise questions from council members and residents


BLUEFIELD, VA (WVVA) "I think it is absolutely wrong." says Mayor Don Harris.

Before the council meeting even officially started, councilmembers were deep in discussion.

"Every resident in Bluefield is paying $11.50," says Harris.

The topic: additional charges being added to gas bills

"High-dollar legislators and lobbyists go in there and put this fine print in there and don't let anyone know when they are voting on these things," says 

Bluefield resident Jack Gullion reached out to  Don Harris this past week after spotting an eleven dollar customer charge and another one that left him scratching his head.

"I looked on my gas bills that there were charges being added on for a bad debt fee," says Gullion. "I thought it meant that I had bad debt but they said no everyone is charged that."

Harris says this prompted him to take a closer look at his bill where he says he was bring charged an additional $30.

The Bluefield Gas Company says the rates are already set by the State Corporation Commision.

Harris and council members say they weren't notified ahead of time about the charges.

The council says they plan to write a letter to the S.C.C.  to see when this started happening. 

"We can find out, but I am going to guess that these have been on here for fifteen years," says Town Manager Mike Watson.

Harris, council members, and Jack Gullion say they all agree that the charges seem to be a bit vague in their descriptions.

"I would like to see them taken off," says Gullion.

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