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More than 800 West Virginia miners receive WARN notice from Alpha


CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- Alpha Natural Resources says it plans to lay off 831 miners and dozens more support staff in southern West Virginia as a result of the downturn in the coal industry.

Bristol, Virginia-based Alpha announced Monday it has sent 60-day layoff warning notices to Boone and Raleigh counties.

The announcement includes 468 miners and 40 support staff at five underground mines at Marfork Coal Co. in Naoma and Whitesville, and 363 miners and 15 support staff at three underground mines at Elk Run Coal in Sylvester and Whitesville.

The notice says the layoffs will occur around March 25.

Alpha says the layoffs are the result of an oversupply of coal in the marketplace and dramatically reduced demand that has driven down prices to "unsustainable levels," particularly for central Appalachian coal.


Post by Paul Hess

Employees of Marfork Coal Company and Maxxim Shared Services received a WARN notice (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) on Monday.

According to a letter sent by Alpha Natural Resources, the subsidiaries will idle "five entire mines and entire processing facility." The company anticipates 468 Marfork  and 40 Maxxim workers will lose their jobs on March 25 or within two weeks afterward. The layoffs are expected to be permanent.

Below is the list of facilities impacted by the WARN notice:

  • Brushy Eagle, 9702 Coal River Road, Naoma, WV
  • Slip Ridge Cedar Grove Mine, 1765 Horse Creek Road, Coal River, Naoma, WV and Packsville Marfork Road, Whitesville, WV
  • Horse Creek Eagle, 1799 Horse Creek Road, Coal River, Naoma, WV
  • Allen Powellton, 1765 Horse Creek Road, Coal River, Naoma, WV
  • Coon Cedar Grove Mine, 370 Packsville Marfork Road, Whitesville, WV
  • Marfork Processing, 370 Packsville Marfork Road, Whitesville, WV


Senator Shelley Moore Capito released the following statement:

“For no fault of their own, nearly 900 of West Virginia’s hard-working miners and their families got word yesterday that their jobs could be lost. This announcement, the latest in a string of job losses that began right before Christmas, is yet another reminder of the real impacts this administration’s regulations are having on jobs, families and communities.

“President Obama is keeping his promise to bankrupt coal, and the consequences have been absolutely devastating for the thousands of West Virginians left wondering how to make ends meet. This is why I introduced legislation to block the harmful Clean Power Plan and voted to fund research at West Virginia institutions to make coal energy production cleaner and more efficient.

“I will continue pushing back against these destructive regulations and fighting to protect West Virginia's vital energy jobs. At the same time, we must also pursue new avenues to spur economic development and advance rural broadband. Through my Capito Connect plan, we can bridge the digital divide in West Virginia, bring new opportunities to our state and create new job training programs that will help our coal miners.”

West Virginians in need of assistance are encouraged to contact Senator Capito’s offices in Charleston at 304-347-5372, Martinsburg at 304-262-9285, Morgantown at 304-292-2310, and Beckley at 304-347-5372.

West Virginia Senate President Bill Cole released the following statement:

"Once again, our families in the southern coal mining counties have had to experience first hand the hurt that comes from President Obama's war on coal. This President's policies on the coal industry continue to put West Virginia on the losing end, and hard-working West Virginians out of a job. We are working hard to support our coal miners and create a landscape for economic growth that will bring new jobs. We must train our displaced coal miners for these opportunities. My heart goes out to the displaced Alpha employees, their families, and the affected communities."

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