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Interrogation Tape: WV woman who killed a serial killer



Original script:

Heather Saul) "He was squeezing so tight, I didn't think I was going to live through it."

Heather Saul had a choice July 18: kill or be killed by the stranger at her door.

(Heather Saul) "I opened the door and he put the gun to my chest and he said 'live or die,' that's the first thing he said."

This is police interrogation video never before seen publicly that WSAZ exclusively obtained… Heather Saul detailing the moment she encountered a suspected serial killer.

(Heather Saul) "I'm sorry that I killed him. I didn't mean to kill him, I didn't want to kill no one. I saw the gun and grabbed it and went like this and it popped."

The man she killed -- Neal Falls.

He's now linked to at least six women's deaths, but could be tied to dozens of others in nine different states -- something heather didn't know when she met him online and agreed to meet at her apartment on 6th street in Charleston back on July 18.

(Heather Saul) "He said, 'I'm going to prison for a long time, and it's your choice whether it's for rape or murder. I just knew he was gonna kill me. First thing he did was grab my throat and he wouldn't let me have a bit of air he said, 'I'm gonna call the orders and you're gonna be quiet.' "

Then --- the life or death moment.

During a violent struggle, Falls began choking her.

(Heather Saul) "He choked me real bad. I remember digging at anything I could. He was squeezing so tight, I didn't think I was going to live through it."

Heather reached for anything she could.

She grabbed a rake, and that's when her would-be killer made his fatal mistake.

He put the gun down to grab the rake and then...

(Heather Saul) "I just went like that and just shot. Then I seen it and I was like either he hasn't shot me yet but either he is going to kill me because he's not letting me breathe at all. I just knew he was going to kill me."

Wsaz also exclusively obtained police photos of the crime scene and the victim.

Some of them -- too graphic to show on TV.

What we can show you is this --  he aftermath of that violent struggle -- items thrown all around, chairs overturned, and the bullet that would ultimately kill Neal Falls.

But it wasn't what police found inside heather's home that caught them off guard -- rather outside, in a car filled with things you'd only see in a horror movie.

This is exclusive video of what police call a 'serial killer kit.'

(Lt. Steve Cooper/ Chief of Detectives with Charleston Police) "Mr. Falls had a firearm, handcuffs, he had the ability to kill, maim and disable and keep prisoner if necessary any victim he had run across. With the machete and the cutting instruments, large cache of trash bags and bleach, plus he had a tub that you would fit in. There was a large tub in the vehicle with a lid on it that most women could fit into. I don't know what his full intentions were. It's pretty clear that they were bad."

As heather sat at the police station in silence… alone… trying to process what just happened.

Then, her mother and sister arrived.

(Heather's sister) "Who is this guy?"

(Heather Saul) "I don't know him. I've never seen him before today. When that gun went off, I couldn't believe he had that gun pointed at me that long, I couldn't believe it. I don't understand."

(Heather's mother) "Maybe it ain't for you to understand what that man had on his mind but you do know he was trying to kill you, you just don't know why."

Investigators say they believe Heather wasn't the only one Falls tried to kill on his trip from Oregon to West Virginia.

(Lt. Steve Cooper/ Chief of Detectives with Charleston Police) "Mr. Falls lived in an area in Nevada where several escorts who were advertising online disappeared and were dismembered. He lived there at the time and he's a viable suspect in that case."

And now, Falls is possibly linked to other murders, including two in Texas where he was just days before coming to West Virginia.

But investigators believe Falls' work may go back years and be connected to dozens of other women's murders in as many as nine states.

Secrets, kept hidden for years, that came to light -

(Heather Saul) "I knew I had to fight him or he was going to kill me."

When this woman refused to become Falls' next victim.

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