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Raleigh County Day Report working on community cleanup


Just this summer, Raleigh County's Day Report Center stopped contracting out to Mercer County and moved to Beckley.

Once the Day Report Center moved into Raleigh County, the staff became focused on getting the center's clients to give back through community cleanup efforts.

"It just gives them a little sense of pride in their community and just lets them give back to people that have given them a second chance basically," says Charles Briscoe, community service supervisor for the center.

Clearing brush off a hillside may not look like a second chance. But for clients of the Day Report Center, it is.

"It gives structure to me, you know, sees what I've got to do, and it makes it a little bit better for me. Out there, I'm not doing nothing and getting in trouble," says Nicholas Riley, a client of the Raleigh County Day Report Center.

Outside of the community cleanup, clients in the program stay busy with substance abuse treatment, drug testing and educational programs. For Day Report staff, it's about giving them a chance to get back on their feet, instead of getting stuck in the system.

"A lot of people really don't deserve jail time, sometimes it's first offense, things like that. It gives people an opportunity to take some classes and get some help with whatever they need and it gives them an opportunity to come out and help in the community and just give back," says Briscoe. 

Briscoe says he's already seen these simple second chances turning into successes.

"A lot of the guys are very happy to be here. I haven't had any trouble. They've been great to work with and we've got a good crew," says Briscoe. 

This summer, the Day Report crews cleared 6,000 pounds of garbage from illegal dump sites.

Day report staff say they are open to requests from the community on areas to service.

Anyone interested in making a request for service can reach the center at 304-255-3796.

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