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Greenbrier County high schools announce free ACT exam date


All 367 juniors from Greenbrier East and West will be taking the ACT exam for free on March 15.  The free testing is funded through Title VI/Rural and Low Income Schools.It covers more than 14,000 dollars in testing, and will save each student about 40 dollars.

"It tears down a lot of those barriers that kids have and even some of the fears. One of those fears is having to pay for that test," said Lewis McClung, Assistant Principal of Greenbrier West High School.

Previously, students had to take the exam on weekends at various test sites.  Now, it will be scheduled during the school day, allowing all students to participate.

The exam not only gets students into college, but it also provides scholarship opportunities.

"Now that they don’t have to pay for it, it will encourage them to go out more than once or more than they would have planned at first,” said Christopher Flanagan, senior at GWHS.

Even students who don't have college plans for after high school can benefit.

"They might see a strength that they didn’t know they had. I think that can really guide or direct them in an area of interest that they necessarily didn't really look at,” said Mellissa Krystynak, junior and senior counselor at GWHS.

The ACT practice course teacher at Greenbrier West says the biggest challenge for students is that the test is timed.

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