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Man killed in Charleston suspected in murders in Las Vegas and Ohio

Neal Falls Neal Falls
A possible serial killer may have died at the hands of the woman who was to be his next victim.
Neal Falls died July 18 in Charleston.  
A woman tells police there she arranged to meet Falls through an escort service website, for a fee.
He didn't bring any money.  Instead, police say they found axes, a gun, other weapons, handcuffs, trash bags and bleach in his car. 
He attacked the woman, who grabbed his gun and shot him, according to investigators. 
Similarities between the woman and unsolved death or disappearance cases in Las Vegas and southern Ohio prompted Charleston police to share information with investigators in those communities. 
The distraught woman's neighbor called police after the shooting.
911 Dispatcher: "Is she bleeding from anywhere?"
Caller: "She looks like she has some marks around her neck and she does have a little bit of blood like scratches on her fingers and there is some blood on her."
[Woman crying in background "I grabbed the gun and shot him".]
911 Dispatcher: "Was she able to injure him in any way?"
Caller: "Yeah, she said she shot him. She says he's on the kitchen floor, in her kitchen floor."
Falls is originally from Springfield, OR. 
Investigators say he lived near Las Vegas from 2000 until 2008, and four women, all prostitutes, disappeared during that time.
The dismembered bodies of three were found along highways.
Four women have died suspiciously in Chillicothe, OH and two others are missing. 
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