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Raleigh County water and sewer study underway

 Raleigh County (WVVA) The Raleigh County Commission enlisted E.L. Robinson, an engineering firm, this week to establish areas in the county that are unserved or underserved with public water or a sewer system

"A plan like this puts the county in a position to be able as things develop, to be able to take advantage of those things and those funding opportunities in a quicker way than if they have no idea of what possibly could be used where and what is needed where," says David Cole, a project development manager at E.L. Robinson.

The Grandview area is a top priority for the study from the outset because the location lacks a public sewer system. But residents in this area are deeply divided on whether a public system is needed.

Some say the system is a necessity for the area to thrive. 

"I do not need it, but I'm strongly for it. I know other people need it, and it would be beneficial to the community," says James Carper, a Grandview resident. 

"They've lived without it for so long, they're afraid to put it in, afraid it will cost them too much. But in the long run, it would be great for them," says Tracy Hylton, a Grandview resident. 

Residents like roy carper call it an individual problem that should be handled on a case by case basis.

"I'm dead against the sewer. My sewer works fine. You've got to take care of one, you just can't expect it to take care of itself. And anybody that's got a problem should fix their own problem, not ask the whole community to pay for it," says Carper.

Planners estimate the project could take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to complete. They also said the cost could reach $150,000 depending on the needs and situations they encounter. 

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