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Flooding causes problems for residents in Abbs Valley

TAZEWELL COUNTY, VA (WVVA)  After a long day on Saturday, Amanda Black and her husband were out enjoying a summer ride. Due to the lack of cell phone service, the blacks didn't receive their regular severe weather texts.

Amanda Black says, "it was just dark and we could not see if we could fit, because his truck is very big, I mean its a big truck."

Then came the rain, and it wasn't long after that the road they were on was overflowing with water. Black says another 40 feet ahead was a stranded sedan with no one in it.

Black says, "I couldn't tell if he was in the middle of the road or the side of the road, we couldn't tell it was dark and we were already in the water about three or feet give or take."

Fireman from the Abbs Valley Volunteer Fire Department responded and contacted the Virginia Department of Transportation to assist in clearing trees and debris on Franklin road.

The fire captain says other areas on Abbs Valley were temporarily blocked by debris and water and some homes lost power

Knowing full well the risks involved in driving through the high water, and possibly ending up like that sedan, they decided to take their chances.

"We followed four wheelers that made it through then the whole vehicle started to shift so he shifted in a lower gear and we made it right on through.", says Black.

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