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Father, son barely escape burning home in Fayette County


LANSING (WVVA)- A father and son barely escape their burning home early Thursday morning in Fayette County.

Gary Workman says it was by complete luck that he happened to wake up when his double-wide mobile home was becoming completely engulfed in flames. He says because the fire started in the ceiling, the fire alarms didn't go off until it was too late.

As the ceilings were coming down, both he and his son managed to survive.

Workman says it all started when he woke up around 1 a.m. and smelt something burning, but couldn't find anything. He says he went back to bed, looked at his clock and it read 1:19 a.m.

He says within five or ten minutes he was up again hearing what he thought was a storm, but he soon realized his home was in flames.

"The ceiling was coming down around us," he says.

Workman says he then ran to go wake up his 13-year-old adopted son Elijah.

"I ran into the living room and there was a big old pile of fire between me and the door and I figured that was my only way out," the teen tells WVVA. "So I just chose to jump through the fire as much as I could. I got the dog and I went out the front door as the peak of the balcony fell. And I all I seen was my dad trying to get through the house. And I just see this big top sheet of sheet rock fall on him."

Glen Workman was able to make it out through the rear of the house. He looks back at his cell phone, seeing that he called 9-1-1 at 1:42 a.m.

"We're lucky to be alive right now," says Elijah.

While they have their lives, Elijah says he devastated over losing his grandparents personal belongings including war medals and a family bible. "It's heartbreaking because my grandma was the closest thing to me. And when I got adopted into this family, it was the only thing I really had. And it was just burnt in the fire."

However, his dad is cherishing the one thing that was saved. "We're lucky. I've got my family here."

Workman's wife happened to be away for the night with their pregnant daughter.

He says they are lucky to have neighboring family members to lean on and he hopes to be able to build their new home in the same spot.


By Kathlynn Stone

LANSING (WVVA)- Firefighters were called to a house fire at 1:40 AM on Thursday.

According to Fayette Co. Dispatchers, the home on Apple Ridge Road in Lansing was fully engulfed in flames. .Dispatchers say the family was home at the time, but everyone made it out safely.

No injuries are being reported.

Fayetteville, Nutall, and Oak Hill Fire Departments all responded. Jan-Care ambulance was also on scene.
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