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Families eat and reflect on Mother's Day at The Resort at Glade Springs


DANIELS, WV (WVVA) The Resort at Glade Springs Mother's Day Luncheon was the perfect place to celebrate mom.

Kathi Dickey says, "when they first layed my son in my arms I was overwhelmed with this perfect child, and love it was a love beyond anything I could ever expect."

Johnny Pennington brought his wife and mother out, his mom remembers him being much much smaller.

Emma Pennington, Johnny's mother says, "you just kiss them and they are so precious, you just don't want to let them go."

Now much older, Johnny uses his mothers wisdom to become a better father.

Pennington says, "when your young I think you think they are stupid and you're smarter than they are, as you get older you realize how wise they were."

He and his wife Nancy miss their younger years as a family with their son, but seeing him become his own man is what they want most for him.

Pennington's wife Nancy says, "that's the best thing is learn to make it on his own and grow up to be his own self."

Bill Dickey and his wife were once high school sweet hearts, now they're lifelong companions. For Bill mothers day is about appreciating his wife Kathi and all that she has done for their kids.

Bill Dickey says, "my best friend, there's no doubt in my mind that I am a better person today because of her and how shes helped me become a better person.

Kathi also says she and her husband are now focused on making memories for their grandchildren.

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