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Group gathers in Monroe Co. to protest pipeline

MONROE COUNTY, WV (WVVA) Those at the Frack-Tosse Intolerant festival, weren't shy when sharing their opinion on the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Dale McCutcheon says, "whole towns have had to close down and be removed because of ground water contamination, I think sometimes in this area we don't fully estimate the potential of our water supply and appreciate what we have."

Musicians at the event say, "they're 44 inches wide, they spit chemicals out and start fires."

The proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline would run 300 miles through Northwestern West Virginia and southern Virginia, Mountain Valley LLC. has filed a lawsuit to allow surveying on more than 100 peoples land in West Virginia.

Supporters of the pipeline say it could bring thousands of jobs to West Virginia and more than one million dollars to Monroe County annually. However, event host, Jessica Abramson, says she doesn't want to see people forced off their land and want to preserve the county's natural beauty.

Abramson says, "this county has a unique culture and a unique attachment to this land, and we feel really strongly about it."

Musicians like, Big Mama Joy, says this process opened her eyes to the impact of the proposed pipeline, she says,"this pipeline is affecting a lot of people and I really like the chance to do my music for a cause."

Many unhappy with the proposal, took to the pen to sign petition and comment forms 
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