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Whitesville kicks off campaign to 'Turn This Town Around'


 Whitesville (WVVA) The work begins after Whitesville wins the 2015 'Turn This Town Around' award.

The community kicked off its campaign at the Whitesville State Bank on Wednesday.

 "Fifty years ago, it was a completely different town. There were store fronts, clean streets. There were people here. But things happen and things change," said Holly Smarr, a town organizer.

Haunted by a mine disaster and coal industry layoffs, their local economy is struggling. "It was a big hit for us, people we knew, customers we had at the bank and families we worked with. It was a tremendous loss," said Whitesville resident, Vicky Dingess.

Dingess is working to see cleaner streets, new store fronts, and maybe even a grocery store. "It's sad, you have to drive 30 minutes in either direction just to get to one."

City leaders said they look forward to the opportunity to turn things around. "Basically, we're going to get the opportunity to work with a lot of great people, trying to put together projects and ideas," added Smarr.

Anyone interested in bringing an idea to the table is encouraged to attend the next meeting in March. An exact date has yet to be set.

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