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28 busted in drug roundup in Raleigh County

28 men and women are arrested on drug charges in Raleigh County. 28 men and women are arrested on drug charges in Raleigh County.

BECKLEY, WV (WVVA) 28 people are busted on drug charges in Raleigh County on Thursday. 

The warrants were served by Beckley Police, HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) task force, Raleigh County Sheriff's Department, and the U.S. Marshal Service. Those arrested were charged with delivery and sale of narcotics including cocaine, heroin, and oxycontin.

Below is a list of those arrested. 

  1. Donald Norris, Beckley
  2. Cayla Foster, 20, Glen Morgan
  3. Corte Lawson, 23, Beckley
  4. Deandre Harris, 21, Beckley
  5. Justin Moore, 27, Beckley
  6. Stephen Cox, 20, Beckley
  7. Gregory Kaylor 51 Beckley
  8. Robert Burks, 48, Beckley
  9. Tasha Ewing, 30, Beckley
  10. Lois Ewing, 52, Beckley
  11. Michael Hodge, 36, Beckley
  12. Bernard Amar, Beckley
  13. Rhinelander Hernandez, 36, Beckley
  14. Candice Manning, 23, Beckley
  15. Jason Thompson, 49, Beckley
  16. Billie Gayhart, 49, Glen White
  17. Jamey Berghoff, 27, Sophia
  18. Michael Berghoff, 24, Sophia
  19. James Ellison, 23, Princewick
  20. David Hudson, 20, Beckley
  21. Vickie Dodson, 50, Beckley
  22. Max Pike, 25, Shady Springs
  23. Russell Rutledge, 31, Cool Ridge
  24. George Knight, 40, Egerie
  25. Michael Basham, Glen Daniel
  26. Richard Pfost, Beckley
  27. James Chambers, Glen White
  28. Deshawn Dozier, Beckley

According to the news release, "HIDTA is High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. HIDTA is also known as the Raleigh County Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force. It contains officers from the Beckley Police Department, Raleigh County Sheriff's Department and West Virginia State Police."

Officers are still attempting to serve warrants on 13 individuals. 

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