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BMS, BRMC collaborate to teach students about Ebola

Eighth grade teachers Eighth grade teachers
Jasmine Dudding Jasmine Dudding
Ivory Rowe Ivory Rowe
PRINCETON, WV, November 14, 2014: Eighth Grade English, Math, Social Studies, and Science teachers at Bluefield Middle School have been working together to create a LDC (Literacy Design Collaborative) module in order to inform their students about the Ebola virus. Jasmine Dudding, eighth grade student, says, “The advantages of learning about Ebola in every class are that you are learning about what is going on in the world right now. It really helps us understand what people are going through and how lucky we are to have the technology we have today.” During the course of study, the students were quarantined in the eighth grade hall. Chastity Walker of Bluefield Regional Medical Center assisted the eighth grade team with this unit of study and with obtaining the

HazMat suits which the teachers wore this week during the teaching of the module.

Josh Riffe, Assistant Principal, stated, “Attendance has been high during this week of this study.” He explained, “During any given week the attendance in the eighth grade would fluctuate from 10 to 15 percent of the students being absent. This week the average attendance rate of students in the eighth grade present has been 95 percent.”

Gail Webb, English teacher, explained, “The LDC Module (unit) enables the teacher to plan strategically, incorporating a variety of lessons into meaningful units which culminate in a relevant writing project.” She elaborated by saying, “While the module addressed numerous effects of the disease, it also allowed students to preview the emotional implications of not only dealing with the symptoms of the disease but also with the fears associated with the disease.” During the course of this week her students have been reading informational texts in order to identify aspects of the disease. They have also been reading narrative texts which enabled them to see how this disease affects not only the victims of the disease but also other individuals who are in close proximity to the victims.” The English classes will complete the unit of study by researching and writing about the virus.

Ivory Rowe and Chris Mishoe, Math teachers, taught their students how to graph the number of Ebola deaths in various countries from 1976 through 2014. Social Studies teacher, Tonya Quesenberry, taught her students how to use informational texts to obtain

information about ways to contain and prevent the virus while Darlene Browning, English teacher, used a video clip to educate her students about the outbreak of the virus in African nations. Science Teachers, Tony Morello and Josh Ellison, utilized the computer labs to instruct their students how to research the virus. As a culminating project in Science, the students prepared pamphlets to help educate others about the virus.

Dr. Deborah Akers, Superintendent of Schools, and Kim Miller, Principal of Bluefield Middle School, would like to thank all the individuals involved in helping make this module a positive learning experience for the students of Bluefield Middle School.

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