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A teen reported missing since 2012 is found in Welch, WV


WELCH, WV (WVVA) A teenager reported missing in Ohio in 2012 is found living with a 50 year old man in a Welch hotel.

Police found the teenage girl while responding to a domestic call Friday morning. According to a news release, once she was in an officer's cruiser, she told them her real name, said she was reported missing in Columbus, Ohio since 2012, and wanted to go home.

Dajanae Harmon, was 16 at the time she disappeared. She is now 18 years old. She told police she had been living with Joseph Redford Crawley, 50, and they have a child together. The child is now one year old. The two lived in the Baltimore, Maryland area for a while, but moved to McDowell County because Crawley has relatives in the area. 

Crawley is charged with domestic assault and possession of marijuana.. He is being held in the McDowell County Holding Facility awaiting arraignment. 

" I am glad at least the parents know their daughter is alive now. I cannot imagine the horrors and nightmares waiting this long to see if your child is alive," says Welch Police Chief E.A. Muncy.

Dajanae and here child are in a secure location waiting on her father to arrive from Columbus to take them home. 

Police say they are cooperating with authorities in Ohio and Maryland where more charges against Crawley my develop. 

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