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Senate candidate Natalie Tennant remarks following loss to Capito

Natalie Tennant loses big to Shelley Moore Capito (R) in congressional race Natalie Tennant loses big to Shelley Moore Capito (R) in congressional race


Charleston, WV) -West Virginia Secretary of State and U.S. Senate nominee Natalie Tennant delivered the following remarks to supporters in Charleston:

Thank you General Tackett. You and Sally have been with me since day one.

It's an honor to have you on my team. There is no one I would rather have by my side going into a tough fight.

And what a tough fight it has been.

I want to thank John Buckley, Bob Henry Baber and Phil Hudok for stepping up and running in this race. Our democracy is richer anytime more voices come to the table.

I called and congratulated Congresswoman Capito. She was a formidable opponent. She ran a good campaign.

I have said from day one: this campaign was never about me, it was always about you: the people of West Virginia. And I wish the Congresswoman nothing but the best of luck and success serving you.

I know we are all still pulling for Congressman Rahall, Nick Casey and Glen Gainer.

To my husband, Erik: thank you. Thank you for being the kind of dad who dresses up in a tuxedo to take our daughter to a tea party. I could not be here without your love and support.

To my amazing daughter Delaney: thank you for taking this journey with me. I hope you have learned as much from me as I have from you along the way.

Thank you to my entire family, especially my dad who taught me to step up and serve - not because of what you will get, but because it's our duty to give.

To my mom, though she is no longer with us, the lessons she taught me continue to be the source of so much of my strength.

And thank you to my West Virginia family.

To the voters: thank you for supporting me. And thank you for the honor of continuing to serve as your Secretary of State.

To my Kitchen Cabinet of advisers: your guidance and support has been incredible.

Thank you to Senator Rockefeller for his support, and his years of service to West Virginia.

Thank you to the West Virginia Democratic Party.

To the workers of West Virginia, from the AFL-CIO to teachers unions to the UMWA, and so many others: it was my honor to have the endorsement of the men and women who go to work every day to make this state and this country great.

To my staff and all of our wonderful volunteers: there is no campaign without you.

You gave your shoe leather, your elbow grease, your time, and your hearts to this campaign. You fought the good fight - not because it was easy, because it was right.

You left it all on the field, I am proud of the campaign we built.

You fought for the 22,000 West Virginia workers on minimum wage.

You fought to make college more affordable.

You fought to deliver equal pay for equal work. That's Delaney's number one issue, and your work told a 12-year old girl that she could see the pay gap closed in her lifetime.

You fought to pass the Coal Mine Safety Act.

Your work says we will not sit by and let Washington privatize Social Security or turn Medicare into a voucher program just to give tax breaks to millionaires.

Your work said, loudly, in one voice: we demand a government that works for the working people of this country.

Karen Gorrell, and the Century Aluminum retirees: you have stood with me and I will continue to stand with you until we see justice. Our fight is far from over.

In so many ways, tonight is not the end, but only the beginning. I have often said that West Virginia's story is my story. And I look forward to writing the next chapter as your Secretary of State.

The past year has been the most humbling of my life. I have been blessed by the opportunity to travel all 55 counties of this great state and hear directly from the people.

Yes, we have challenges. But we also have incredible opportunities.

I see promise and possibility everywhere I go.

All across West Virginia:

Neighbors are coming together to combat drug abuse in their communities.

Military families are stepping up to serve.

Small business owners are not just creating jobs, they are going the extra mile to pay their workers above minimum wage and give back to their communities.

And researchers are developing some of the most cutting-edge technology in the country, right here.

From McDowell County to Wheeling to Martinsburg and everywhere in between: The people of West Virginia are doing amazing things.

You aren't waiting on Washington. You are moving West Virginia forward every single day.

I am honored to continue to be a part of that.

We have plenty of work ahead of us. And I look forward to getting to it.

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