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Tornadoes Leave Trail of Destruction in Southern W.Va.


Raleigh County (WVVA) More than 2 hundred people were still without power Thursday morning following Monday night's tornadoes in Mercer and Raleigh counties.

In Raleigh County, Odd Road was among the hardest hit. The tornado there left a trail of destruction from Ghent to Josephine.

"The winds just started rumbling and shaking. I've never seen anything like it," said David Meadows. He and his brother Tom were at their homes in Westview on Monday night when they heard a rumble.

"The winds were howling. I heard something hit the back of the house. I tried to go out the back door and the wind slammed it shut. I just continued to hear things around the house," said Meadows.

Five minutes later, he said it suddenly became quiet. That's when they went outside to look.

"Powerlines were down, electrical lines. Everything on my deck had blown away," said Meadow's brother, Tom Meadows.

Also blown away, the barn where he grew up. Meadow said his childhood memories of sleep overs and playing with the animals were gone with the wind.

"Just the memories. We grew up playing in that barn, so many nights and days camping. And of course, we had animals there...just a lot of memories and everything," added Meadows.

 Chief Rick Morrison with the Ghent Vol. Fire Dept. is leading the recovery effort in Ghent. This is the worst storm he has seen since the Derecho.

"In this one, we only had one call, but it was the massiveness of it that really got me. We cut trees for six hours that night and only moved about a hundred yards," added Morrison.


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